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Top Horse has been cleaning and repairing horse blankets since 1991. We also do custom leather and tack repairs for all disciplines, design custom horse equipment, accessories, show curtains, trunk covers, as well as offering used blankets for sale. We guarantee all of our work. If you ever find anything to complain about at Top Horse, we'll do everything we can to remedy the situation. We're only happy when you're happy.

We've found effective and efficient methods for applying our services, so we can offer the best possible pricing. Our prices are fair and competitive for the services rendered. We take pride in our work and will not scrimp on quality, offering the best value in the industry.

As the saying goes, "Quality is like buying oats...If you want nice, clean, fresh oats, your must pay a fair price. However, if you can be satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse....they come a little cheaper!"

Blanket Cleaning

The mainstay and backbone of Top Horse is blanket cleaning. We've been at it since 1991, and have learned alot through the years. We know how to effectively clean all the horse dirt and smells from your steed's wardrobe (as well as the local tomcat smells that were inflicted on it when you weren't looking!). We take the utmost care to individually de-hair, prep, wash, disinfect and line dry your blankets according to the manufacturer's instructions and what we have found works the best...shall we call it..."tricks of the trade".

Our customers have also asked us to clean their dog items (beds, coats, mats, etc.). We clean just about everything....even your grubby old barn coat! Call us about it. We will if we can!

Blanket Repair

Where there's horses there's usually destruction, be it fencing, stalls, halters, people's body parts and ah, blankets! Yes, the majority of our business besides washing is blanket repairs. I'd say, this is the most labour intensive and time consuming part of the job. We fix all aspects of the blanket. Other places will wash your stuff, but try getting a decent repair done, or for that matter, any repair work done. Almost impossible! That's because its the hard part!

Here at Top Horse we have worked hard at devising and standardizing repair methods that make the blanket even better then new, through strongly reinforced repairs that look great (colour matched thread and material, and nearly invisible tear repair methods). Our experience translates into cost effective repairs that look good and extend the useful life of your blankets, providing the best value in the industry.

About me, the owner....

My name is Sylvia Mileham, and I am the founder of Top Horse. I began when I saw the need in my home village of Caledon and surrounding area for services supporting the equine world. Having an extensive and varied background in the horse world, beginning at an early age, I acquired the experience necessary to recognize the needs of horse people from many different disiplines as well as the understanding of what is considered a job well done.

My horse background is multi-faceted and includes breaking and training, driving (heavy carriage, racing) western riding, trail riding and packing, english jumping, hunt seat and horses for film work. I am also an OEF Certified Riding Instructor and have a diploma in Equine Studies from Humber College.

I have always had a fancy for fabric and horses, so fabric that had to do with horses seemed like a perfect fit. I remember sewing my first horse blanket at the ripe old age of 13. I got the pieces for it in the mail, ordered through my favorite horse magazine and sewed it together on my Mom's home sewing machine. The poor machine never quite worked the same after that! Oh, how you live and learn.

So you see, it's in my blood...horses and fabric, and it's what I can say I love to do, and do best! Please read on through my website to get the details on Top Horse and the service offered.