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Turnouts leaking? Don’t toss them….let us re-waterproof them!!

Factory waterproofing does not last forever. Most manufactures only guarantee your blanket will remain waterproof for two seasons. It will eventually wear off!

We waterproof turnouts using a unique low VOC formula that is applied to dry/clean blankets. Unlike other blanket cleaning operations it is not added during the wash cycle. We do this for many reasons, mainly because the waterproofing adheres only to the areas of the blanket that will be exposed to the elements. We also do not contaminate the waste water within the wash cycle ensuring that no chemicals are released into the environment. Our waterproof dries clear, for a noticeable, but invisible protection. Our waterproofing does not wash off, it is stuck like glue to the fibres once it has dried and adhered.

For best results we recommend you have your blankets waterproofed 2 times in succession. For example after they are cleaned in the spring and then one more time the same season.

We highly recommend your blankets are cleaned by us prior to being waterproofed. Although this is not a requirement, any stains and dirt that are on the blanket when it is processed for waterproofing will remain trapped on that blanket forever!