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Top Horse has been in the blanket industry for years, allowing us to grow, change and develop the right combination of techniques for great results at reasonable costs

We have perfected the wash process for results that truly sparkle, resembling the blanket’s like new condition.  Blankets are properly prepared for washing and we pay close attention to detail ensuring every dirt spot and stain on your blanket is noticed and dealt with.

We ensure all hair is removed from the surface as well as any hair that is embedded into the blanket.

Repairs are noted with stickers on your blanket along with a corresponding written description on your invoice so you can inspect work completed.

Turnouts leaking? Don’t toss them….let us re-waterproof them!!Top Horse offers a large variety of professional services. If you are unsure of an item you would like fixed/washed/built please call us and we will be more than accommodating!

Top Horse uses environmentally friendly products during wash, prep and treatments on blankets. Like you, we care for the environment and act accordingly. This is another reason we stress the bundling of blankets in an effort to reduce the unnecessary use of plastic bags.

Visit our following web pages for more information on each of our services:

Blanket Cleaning

Blanket Repair

Blanket Waterproofing

Leather  & Nylon Tack Repair

Other Tack Repair

Top Horse offers a pick up and delivery route seasonally. There is no additional fee for this. You can alternatly use our 2 drop off trailers that are open 24/7. Please see the contact us page for directions.