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Our Ideology

Excellent work and fair pricing. There’s an old saying that goes like this, “quality is like buying oats, if you want clean, plump, first rate oats you’ll pay a fair market price. But, if you don’t mind oats that have already been through the horse, well that comes a little cheaper…”  At Top Horse we will not sacrifice quality for price and believe we price our work fairly. It may seem a bit old fashioned, but it’s a business philosophy that Top Horse believes in and is passionate about! In today’s world of “good enough, fast buck” mentality it’s a welcome surprise.

I started this Business from scratch over 20 years ago. Along the way I have seen many upstarts. Lots of fly-by-nighters trying to break into the business thinking it’s a fast way to make a buck. Soon enough, they find out that it’s bloody hard work that requires an obscene amount of dedication and actually does require some skill to be good at it, all things they are not interested in. So they come, and then they go and Top Horse continues to be here and clean up their mess after they’ve gone onto the next ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme.

Please read on to get the needed information about how to gauge the quality of work that is standard at Top Horse. Use it as a benchmark if you are using the ‘other guys’ for your blanket cleaning and repair!

Some say it’s just a horse blanket….it’s not just a horse blanket!

  It is an expensive item to replace on a regular basis. Why risk replacement of damaged blankets? Some people find the perfect fit/hard to find blanket and are hesitant to have it cleaned and repaired at the risk of it getting ruined

 It’s technically advanced waterproofing needs proper care and maintenance to maximize its life

 Stains, spots, hair, dullness, soap residue, shrinkage and bad repair jobs all contribute to shortening a blanket’s life span. Not to mention making it unsightly, possible skin irritation and poor fitting

 Some people care about a well-dressed animal. The ultimate “clothes horse”

 It’s your hard earned money paying for service, so it should be as good as humanly possible!

About Washing

Top Horse gets it sparkling clean, not just clean! If you look closely you will notice a difference at Top Horse. It’s not simply a matter of chuck it in a machine and push a button. Thoroughly understanding all the washing procedure and technical aspects makes for optimal clean. We at Top Horse have that know-how!

Many blankets now a days are a black or navy color. This makes it difficult to see any hidden dirt so, look hard to spot any deficiencies in the cleaning.

 Look closely at bindings, surcingle attachments and quilt seam lines for signs of embedded dirt

 Inspect liners on waterproof blankets for dirty watermarks

  Any white blanket tags/labels should be white, not dirty white after cleaning

  Any blankets with a wither fleece should be sparkling and fluffed up.

  Check the lower back edges and tail flaps for ground in dirt and manure stains

 bindings appearing wavy or too tight for the fabrics it’s attached to along with binding that is hard or brittle. Overheated damage shows as melted/shiny marks on surface and bindings.

Any or all of these indicate deficiencies in cleaning techniques.

At Top Horse these concerns are addressed on each and every blanket:

 Stink- We don’t just cover the smell, we remove it

 Spots- Manure/Urine stains tended to

 Dullness- it should be sparkling when you get it back

 Hair- all gone.

 Shrink- proper washing and drying techniques minimizes any fabric movement

 Dry- Specially designed drying rooms at Top Horse ensure items are thoroughly dry before return, even in the humid summer months

 Waterproofness- knowledgeable assessment and recommendations when it is time to re-waterproof turnouts and rain sheets

About Repairs

It is hard to show you what makes a good repair without giving away the secrets, but you can rest assured knowing that 20+ years professionally has honed the skill in this department.

I can tell you what make a bad repair…

- Web patches

- Incorrect stitch patterns and lengths

- Lack of understanding of stress points and horse destruction capability

- Improper material assessment and repair techniques

- Amatuerish repair; do you really want someone ‘practising’ on your blanket?

Our repairs don’t come back for a re-do. We believe in fixing it right the first time and one time only. Thoughtful application of our techniques reinforces stress points and eliminates the weakness of blanket design/manufacturing all without being very noticeable.

In Closing…..

You’re paying for it so, why settle for good enough? Quality work, fair pricing that's our winning combination. Some competitors (the nervier ones) charge you more and give less, while others just charge less period. But really, like the oat thing, in the end you get what you pay for!

P.S Remember, all our work is satisfaction guaranteed (that’s not just a hollow statement!).

 Let us know, right down to the smallest detail how we can keep you satisfied with Top Horse, we are happy when you are!